Improving the quality of life for underprivileged youth and adults around the world.


Revel With A Cause is a 501C-3 non-profit humanitarian organization overcoming poverty by providing access to vital resources such as remote education, green energy, clean water, sustainable agriculture, and modernized healthcare.

The root cause of poverty is the lack of access to vital resources, especially, education. Through education, people evolve more rapidly contributing back to society. Learning has evolved significantly from paperback textbooks to online access of e-libraries, audio-books, curriculum, artificial intelligence educational tools, video, gaming, and meta-verse.

We believe equal access to online education, and education tools will have the most global impact against poverty. Online education leads to implementation and sustainability of green energy, clean water, agriculture and modernized healthcare.


To improve the life of underprivileged youth by supporting them along their journey of personal growth and evolution.  We provide financial, community, and network resources turning their dreams of self-improvement and growth into reality.


Our humanitarian effort goals are to provide critical infrastructure to under-resourced areas including:


  • Ensure broadband is accessible across all Native American Indian Reservations.
  • Provide under-resourced communities access to education & Education Tools, and modern technologies, like laptops, iPads, and televisions.


  • Implement broadband across key communities having the most significant impact.
  • Combat food shortage and clean water concerns by modernizing the processes and technology used today.
  • Provide under-resourced communities access to education & Educational Tools, and modern technologies, like laptops, iPads, and televisions.